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Conversations on Groong - Jan 18, 2023



*Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO

  • The Indian Community in Armenia
  • Where India sees itself on the world stage
  • Drivers for Indian-Armenian Relations
  • How to improve economic and trade relations
  • The Hope & Promise of Indian Armenian Friendship

Episode 209 | Recorded: January 18, 2023

Armenia’s Diplomacy and Corridors Politics | Ep. 93 - Oct 19, 2021 [EP93]

Posted on Tuesday, Oct 19, 2021 | Category: Armenia, Artsakh, Azerbaijan | Series: COG

Armenia’s Diplomacy and Corridor Politics


  • In the past month a flurry of diplomatic activity has risen around Armenia. The top diplomats from neighboring countries, regional and global powers have met with Armenia’s top leadership to discuss the shifting geopolitics reshaping the South Caucasus politically and economically for the coming decades. How is Armenia’s diplomacy navigating the “Corridor Politics” and what are the prospects for a peaceful neighborhood?


Episode 93 | Recorded: October 18, 2021