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  • Armenia, Azerbaijan, at NATO Summit
  • Border Talks Still in Chaos
    • Srbazan in Syunik
    • Pashinyan in Syunik
  • Srbazan Movement
  • Arms, or Alms for Armenia?
    • Orban, Aliyev’s Man inside the EU
    • Eagle Partner 2024 in Armenia

Episode 342 | Recorded: July 8, 2024



  • “Forced Illusion of Normalcy”
  • Political Prisoners and Judicial Harassment
  • Negotiations and “Peace Treaty”
  • Armenia’s Military Capacity
  • What Need to be Done?
  • Thoughts from the Participants

Episode 302 | Recorded: January 14, 2024

Karen Vrtanesyan: Catastrophe in Azat [EP214]

Posted on Monday, Jan 23, 2023 | Category: Armenia, Politics | Series: cog

Conversations on Groong - Jan 22, 2023

On January 19, 15 conscripts in the village of Azat, Armenia died in a fire that engulfed their temporary makeshift barracks.



  • Conditions in the Armenian Army
  • Information chaos following the incident
  • Beheading of the 2nd Army Corps

Episode 214 | Recorded: January 22, 2023

Karen Vrtanesyan: Artsakh Under Blockade - Day 19 [EP196]

Posted on Friday, Dec 30, 2022 | Category: Artsakh, Politics, 168am | Series: cog, video


  • Karen Vrtanesyan, expert on military and warfare strategies with a focus on Armenia and its neighboring region. Co-founder of the website razm.info.

“This is not a humanitarian crisis. This is a political crisis, a crisis of statehood. -Karen Vrtanesyan


This interview is a continuation of the collaboration between Groong and 168 Hours aiming to bring you more English-language coverage on the developments of this very serious humanitarian crisis in progress.


Episode 196 | Recorded: December 30, 2022