Tag: Hakan Fidan

The dialogue at the Antalya Diplomatic Forum illuminates a critical facet of EU’s geopolitical calculus: when they speak of “The West” in the context of the South Caucasus, they implicitly refer to Turkey. We dissect Armenia’s diplomatic challenges, laying bare the stark realities of power dynamics in the region. Against the backdrop of Turkey’s strategic significance, the debate underscores the profound implications of EU’s reliance on Ankara to assert its dominance and open communication channels in the region. We shed light on the urgent need for Armenia to navigate a complex geopolitical landscape where alliances and allegiances are constantly shifting.



  • Erdogan Reshuffles Cabinet, First Visit to Baku
  • Latest Developments in Armenia-Azerbaijan Negotiations, Baku Postpones
  • Economic Developments, More Subsidies to IT Sector
  • MPG Poll: Pashinyan’s Rating is Falling

Episode 252 | Recorded: June 12, 2023