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Paul Cormarie - Can the US Guarantee Armenia's Security? | Ep 321 - Mar 27, 2024 [EP321]

Posted on Wednesday, Mar 27, 2024 | Category: USA, Armenia, Video, Politics | Series: cog


  • US Strategic Interests in the South Caucasus
  • The Challenge of Armenia’s Neighborhood
  • Weaponry that could help Armenia
  • Clear Expectations and Limits
  • The Turkish Factor
  • The Iranian Factor


Episode 321 | Recorded: March 26, 2024

On February 24, a group of Russian and Armenian experts met in Congress hotel in Yerevan to discuss the state of Armenia-Russia relations. The discussion was friendly but tough and frank. Our guest from episode #311 was one of the participants in that discussion.

The following is a transcript of a clip from episode 311, where we address the blooming romance (at least as it appears externally) between the Armenia and France, NATO and the collective West.