Armenia Azerbaijan Negotiations | Georgia Opposition | MPG Poll | Ep 237 [EP237]

Posted on Monday, Mar 13, 2023 | Category: Armenia, Artsakh, Politics, Poll | Series: wir



  • Armenia-Azerbaijan Negotiations Continue
    • Developments in Artsakh
    • No “Peace” without “Rights and Security”?
    • Armenia Downgrades CSTO Relations
  • Georgian Law on Foreign Agents
  • Reflections on MPG Poll “AmotiSar” Results

Episode 234 | Recorded: March 12, 2023

William Bairamian, Arthur Khachikyan: Artsakh Under Blockade - Day 31 [EP199]

Posted on Wednesday, Jan 11, 2023 | Category: Artsakh, Politics, 168am | Series: cog, video


  • William Bairamian, founder and editor of The Armenite. He has written extensively on Armenian politics, culture, and society. He received degrees in international affairs from Columbia University and UCLA.
  • Arthur Khachikyan, International Relations expert from Stanford University, specializing in Intervention. He currently teaches at the Russian Armenian University in Yerevan.

“This is a repeat of Srebrenica. To gradually strangle and force the people to leave.” -Arthur Khachikyan


More than 120,000 people remain trapped in the Republic of Artsakh (or Nagorno-Karabakh) due to

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Armenia-Azerbaijan Negotiations | Artsakh Reshuffle | Opposition [EP181]

Posted on Tuesday, Dec 6, 2022 | Category: Politics, Armenia | Series: wir



  • Armenia-Azerbaijan Negotiations Continue
    • CSTO Debacle
    • Lavrov Bombshell
    • Lachin Corridor Blockaded
    • Brussels Summit Canceled
  • Artsakh President Lays off Government
  • Parliamentary Opposition Fragmenting

Episode 181 | Recorded: December 6, 2022

Armenia's Rocky Relationship with the CSTO [EP180]

Posted on Monday, Dec 5, 2022 | Category: Armenia, Politics | Series: cog



  • What’s Armenia’s Goal in pushing the CSTO in a direction that it won’t go?
  • What Came Out of the CSTO Summit in Yerevan?
  • What is the Level of Trust between the CSTO and Armenia?
  • How should Armenian proceed in Relations with the CSTO?
  • Does Armenia have Alternatives?

Episode 180 | Recorded: December 5, 2022



  • Massive Stepanakert Rally
  • The Sullivan Plan
  • CSTO Security Council Convened
  • Trilateral Summit in Sochi
  • From Sochi to Tehran

Episode 173 | Recorded: November 1, 2022