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Setrag Balian & Hagop Djernazian - Jerusalem Patriarchate and Armenian Quarters under Threat by Israeli Investors and Armed Settlers



  • Violent Events following Patriarch’s Letter of Cancellation of Lease Agreement on November 1
  • Further Issues on November 9
  • Are the Lease Agreement and its Cancellation Legal?
  • What do Israeli Settlers have to do with the Lease Deal?
  • What Next?

Episode 292 | Recorded on Wednesday, November 9 2023

Arman Tatoyan: Artsakh Under Blockade: Day 9 [EP187]

Posted on Tuesday, Dec 20, 2022 | Category: Artsakh, Politics, 168am | Series: cog, video

“This is the policy of ethnic cleansing and genocide against the people of Artsakh” -Arman Tatoyan


  • Arman Tatoyan, is the former ombudsman of the Republic of Armenia. Currently actively pursues human rights for Armenians in the republics of Armenia and Artsakh, especially through his foundation, the “Tatoyan” Center for Law and Justice.


This is Day 9 of the blockade of Artsakh by Azerbaijan.

As we are recording this discussion, more than 120 thousand people remain trapped in the Republic of Artsakh (or Nagorno-Karabakh). For 9 days, Azerbaijan has brazenly blocked all

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Legal & Human Rights Developments in Armenia A Conversation with Ruben Melikyan

Ruben Melikyan was formerly Artsakh’s Human Rights Ombudsman, and prior to that he was rector of the Justice Academy of Armenia. In 2019, Melikyan co-founded and currently leads the “Path of Law” NGO. Իրավական ուղի in Armenian.


  • Introduction
  • Decisions of the International Court of Justice
  • Turkish-Armenian “Normalization”
  • More Constitutional Changes
  • Civil Contract Appoints new HR Ombudsman for Armenia
  • Continuing Harassment of Opposition Leaders
  • Legislating Away Civil Liberties

Episode 117 | Recorded on Thursday, February 3, 2022