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Pashinyan regime's EU aspirations

Posted on Wednesday, Mar 13, 2024 | Category: Armenia, Politics, Clip, Transcript | Series: Blog

In this clip from episode #313, we discuss Pashinyan’s bold move towards EU membership is risking its relationships with key allies like Russia and neighboring Iran. Recent statements hint at Armenia’s serious consideration of joining the EU, alongside actions like freezing activity in the CSTO and inviting Russian forces out of an airport.

Join us as we navigate the risks and uncertainties surrounding Armenia’s daring foreign policy decisions.

The dialogue at the Antalya Diplomatic Forum illuminates a critical facet of EU’s geopolitical calculus: when they speak of “The West” in the context of the South Caucasus, they implicitly refer to Turkey. We dissect Armenia’s diplomatic challenges, laying bare the stark realities of power dynamics in the region. Against the backdrop of Turkey’s strategic significance, the debate underscores the profound implications of EU’s reliance on Ankara to assert its dominance and open communication channels in the region. We shed light on the urgent need for Armenia to navigate a complex geopolitical landscape where alliances and allegiances are constantly shifting.

In this clip from episode 312, Arthur Khachikyan discusses his recent interview with Jean-Christophe Buisson, deputy editor of Le Figaro, a highly influential French newspaper with close ties to Macron and other French leaders. Arthur, the interviewer, highlights the deputy editor’s strong support for the Armenian people but underscores France’s unwillingness to intervene militarily in conflicts involving Armenia due to domestic and geopolitical constraints.

In this clip from episode #312, we discuss a recent Russian-Armenian experts dialogue held in Yerevan, discussions delved into the state of relations between the two nations. Our guest Arthur Khachikyan was one of the participants.

The expert dialogue sparked significant reactions in Armenia, with some media channels expressing negativity towards the candid exchanges that took place. The Russian side was nota bly frank, warning of potential consequences for Armenia’s Western reorientation, referencing past events like Karabakh and suggesting future territorial concerns. The dialogue shed

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On February 24, a group of Russian and Armenian experts met in Congress hotel in Yerevan to discuss the state of Armenia-Russia relations. The discussion was friendly but tough and frank. Our guest from episode #311 was one of the participants in that discussion.

The following is a transcript of a clip from episode 311, where we address the blooming romance (at least as it appears externally) between the Armenia and France, NATO and the collective West.

In episode 310, we talked about the potential that the US CIA and the UK MI6 are overseeing the creation of Armenia’s new intelligence service.