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Artsakh Blockade Flash Update with Gev Iskajyan - Ep 239, Mar 19, 2023

Armenian News Network Groong - March 19, 2023



  • The Current Living Conditions
    • Gas, Power, Food, Weather
  • Daily Ceasefire Violations
    • Shooting at Civilians
    • Heightened Threat of War
  • Process of Constitutional Amendment
    • Is Arayik Harutyunyan Planning to Resign?
    • Will the Amendment Go Through?
  • Negotiations with Azerbaijan
    • Invitation to Negtiate “Integration” in Baku
    • Artsakh Demands that Armenia Respect its own Laws
    • Artsakh Demands an International Platform for Negotiations

Episode 239 | Recorded: March 19, 2023

Armenia Azerbaijan Negotiations | Georgia Opposition | MPG Poll | Ep 237 [EP237]

Posted on Monday, Mar 13, 2023 | Category: Armenia, Artsakh, Politics, Poll | Series: wir



  • Armenia-Azerbaijan Negotiations Continue
    • Developments in Artsakh
    • No “Peace” without “Rights and Security”?
    • Armenia Downgrades CSTO Relations
  • Georgian Law on Foreign Agents
  • Reflections on MPG Poll “AmotiSar” Results

Episode 237 | Recorded: March 12, 2023

Artsakh Blockade Flash Update with Gev Iskajyan - Ep 236, Mar 12, 2023

Armenian News Network Groong - March 12, 2023



  • Gas cutoff again.
  • Aftermath of Azerbaijan Killing 3 Artsakh Policemen
  • Potential for New Aggression
  • No “Peace” without “Rights and Security for Artsakh”?

Episode 236 | Recorded: March 12, 2023

Artsakh Blockade Flash Update with Gev Iskajyan - Ep 235, Mar 6, 2023

Armenian News Network Groong - March 6, 2023



  • Azerbaijan Attack Kills 3 Artsakh Citizens
  • Arayik Harutyunyan rejects Azeri ultimatum, Warns of Further Aggression
  • How are people responding?
  • About the international response
  • Russian peacekeeper report and response
  • On the trilateral agreement of Nov. 2020

Episode 235 | Recorded: March 6, 2023

Artsakh Blockade Flash Update with Gev Iskajyan - Ep 233, Mar 2, 2023

Armenian News Network Groong - Mar 2, 2023



  • Day to day Conditions
  • Meeting of Artsakh and Azerbaijani Reps
  • What is Artsakh Discussing at the Meeting
  • What Concessions are being Discussed?
  • New State Minister Gurgen Nersesyan
  • More Azeri Shootings in Martakert and Askeran

Episode 233 | Recorded: March 2, 2023

Anna Abrahamian: Munich Security Conference | Artsakh [EP230]

Posted on Friday, Feb 24, 2023 | Category: Armenia, Artsakh, Politics | Series: cog

Today we’re going to talk with Anna Abrahamian about two or three topics.

  • The Munich Security Conference 2023.
  • We’ll touch on Russian president Putin’s state of the federation address.
  • The latest political developments in Artsakh.


  • Anna Abrahamian, a geopolitical analyst who splits her time between Moscow and Athens. Having obtained training in international law, Anna has worked in such noteworthy institutions as the Defense Analyses Institute in Athens as well as the Crisis Group in Brussels. Today, Anna provides her analysis on geopolitics and Armenian politics to her followers on
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Artsakh Blockade Flash Update with Gev Iskajyan - Ep 231, Feb 24, 2023

Armenian News Network Groong - Feb 24, 2023



  • Rouben Vardanyan sacked in Stepanakert
  • Samuel Babayan in Artsakh
  • Azeri and Artsakh reps meet to resume Gas & Electricity
    • Further Azeri demands, Artsakh red lines
  • Medical topics

Episode 231 | Recorded: February 24, 2023

Suren Sargsyan: Artsakh Under Blockade - Day 72 [EP228]

Posted on Tuesday, Feb 21, 2023 | Category: Artsakh, Politics, 168am | Series: cog


  • Suren Sargsyan, founder and a President at the Armenian Center for American Studies, a research center based in Yerevan.

“Pashinyan’s participation in Munich Security Conference didn’t give anything to Armenia” - Suren Sargsyan


Today is day 72 of the total blockade of Artsakh. For 72 days, the 120K citizens of Artsakh have not had the ability to enter or exit their country. They are deprived of the ability to visit Armenia or to receive guests from Armenia. With very limited supplies, they are forced to ration food with the help of food stamps in order to survive.

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Artsakh Blockade Flash Update with Gev Iskajyan - Ep 227, Feb 21, 2023

Armenian News Network Groong - Feb 21, 2023



  • The Politics around Ruben Vardanyan

Episode 227 | Recorded: February 21, 2023