State of Affairs in Lebanon & the Armenians a Year After the Beirut Explosion | Ep #98 - Nov 8, 2021 [EP98]

Posted on Monday, Nov 8, 2021 | Series: COG

The State of Affairs in Lebanon A Conversation with Dr. Ohannes Geukjian and Vera Yacoubian


  • A year after the Beirut Explosion, what’s the state of investigations?
  • Has Anyone been held Accountable?
  • Who are the Internal and External Players in Lebanon?
  • What’s the State and Future of the Armenian Community in Lebanon?


  • Dr. Ohannes Geukjian
  • Vera Yacoubian


  • Asbed Bedrossian TW/@qubriq
  • Katia Peltekian TW/@KatiaPeltekian

Episode 98: Recorded on Saturday, November 6, 2021 Show notes:

Show Notes

Show Notes


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