Robert Markarian: Party Platforms in June 20 Parliamentary Elections (Ep #73) - June 20, 2021 [EP73]

Posted on Saturday, Jun 19, 2021 | Category: In Armenian, Armenia, Politics | Series: COG

Analyzing Party Platforms in June 20 Parliamentary Elections

A Conversation with Robert Markarian


Robert Markarian was born in Iran and has university education in physics and law. For 25 years, he has worked as a host, editor, and analyst on Armenian Radio Hour in Iran’s public radio and television. He has cooperated articles covering Armenia and Artsakh in Armenian, Persian, and English published by Iranian and Armenian sites and analytical centers.


  • Security/Defense
  • Economy and Social
  • Artsakh
  • Diaspora Relations

Conversation in English and Armenian


  • Hovik Manucharyan
  • Asbed Bedrossian

Episode 73 | Recorded: June 12, 2021 Website:

Show Notes

Show Notes


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