Aspram Krpeyan: Hayastan Dashinq, Elections and Postwar Outlook (Ep #71) - June 18, 2021 [EP71]

Posted on Friday, Jun 18, 2021 | Series: COG

Hayastan Dashinq (Armenia Alliance), Elections and Postwar Outlook


Aspram Krpeyan, is a member of the Hayastan Dashinq led by former president Robert Kocharyan in the upcoming elections in Armenia, and a member of its list of parliamentary party representatives. She holds an MSt in Diplomatic Studies from the University of Oxford and an LLM from the Geneva Academy of the International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights. Her research interests lie in international law with a focus on the interplay between international humanitarian law and human rights, use of force, including the conduct of hostilities, the right to self-determination, secession and territorial integrity. She also has interests in contemporary Armenian foreign policy and international relations.

Ms. Krpeyan has worked in the Ministry of Defence, as well as the office of the President of Armenia. She is the co-founding director of the Tatul Krpeyan Peace Foundation.


  • Elections
  • War
  • Foreign Affairs


Hovik Manucharyan Asbed Bedrossian

Episode 71 | Recorded: June 7, 2021

Show Notes

Show Notes


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