Iran: Foreign Relations, Upcoming Elections (Ep. 67) - 06/07/2021 [EP67]

Posted on Monday, Jun 7, 2021 | Series: COG

Iran: Foreign Relations and Upcoming Elections A Conversation with Robert Markarian

The South Caucasus comprises Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. The three regional powers surrounding them are Russia to the north, Turkey to the west, and Iran in the south.

Iran has been largely quiet about events on its northern border with Armenia and Azerbaijan, due largely to its marginalization on the world stage because of the Western economic sanctions but also because Iran is home to millions of ethnic Azeris and any perceived support for Armenia could result in additional political instability at home.

Yet, Iran is hugely influential, and Armenian-Iranian relations have been largely positive in modern times, especially in the post-Soviet era. So how should we view our relations with Iran today, and especially in the past year? And what should we expect in the future?


Robert Markarian, who has degrees in physics and law from Tehran University, and has published several political articles about Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh in Armenian and Persian newspapers and political journals such as Alik, Iranian Diplomacy, IRAS (The Institute for Iran-Eurasia Studies), IPSC (International Peace Studies Center) and The California Courier. His articles in Armenian, Farsi and English are available on He studies and has presented on the position of the Iranian Government and scientific-research centers on the conflict around Nagorno Karabakh at conferences such as the Pan-Armenian Conference of Political Scientists and International Relations Experts (November, 2012) and more.


Hovik Manucharyan Asbed Bedrossian

Translation from Armenian to English by Martin Adamian.

Episode 67 | Recorded: May 28, 2021

Show Notes

Show Notes


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