Edgar Elbakyan - 109th Commemorations of the Armenian Genocide | Pashinyan Concedes Tavush Territories | Russia Withdrawing Peacekeepers From Artsakh | Ep 326 - Apr 21, 2024 [EP326]

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  • 109th Commemorations of the Armenian Genocide
  • Pashinyan Concedes Tavush Territories
  • Russia Withdrawing Peacekeepers from Artsakh

Episode 326 | Recorded: April 24, 2024

Show Notes

April 24: Armenian Genocide Commemorations

We’re recording this show on April 24, today is the 109th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. Dozens of countries around the world, including the US, Russia, France have fully recognized this atrocity against humanity and Armenians.

Armenian communities in the diaspora commemorate this day around the world, and I’ve already posted on Groong’s Facebook page dozens of events from everywhere, but nowhere is it more impressive and memorable than in Armenia, where in some years a million people march from Yerevan to Tsitsernakabert, the Genocide monument on a hill outside the capital. Each year there is a giant commemorative torch procession, and gathering in Republic square on the eve of April 24. This year was no exception.


  • Hovik, Edgar, your impressions of the day’s events?
  • How was this year different?
  • How did the government leaders commemorate? I read that it was a “closed event”, with tightly selected journalists only allowed to cover the event.

Erdogan & Aliyev “Commemorate” the Armenian Genocide

Turkish president Erdogan was apparently encouraged by Pashinyan and his cronies recently parroting classic Turkish Genocide denial, and on the occasion of April 24th, he urged Armenia to “abandon baseless memories” and adopt a more “realistic” path to relations with Turkey, citing a “new order” that Turkey and Azerbaijan are establishing in the region.

Meanwhile, given what’s going on in Tavush, Aliyev was encouraged by Pashinyan’s free handover of Armenian territories to Azerbaijan and demanded more territories, including the so-called “Zangezur corridor”.

He further added that Armenia must stop using Mt. Ararat in its symbols and that changing the Armenian constitution is a precondition to signing a so-called “peace treaty”.


  • Is this the Pashinyan era of peace?

Pashinyan Cedes Tavush Territories

Earlier this week Pashinyan’s administration began the process of handing Tavush territories to Azerbaijan. The term for these unilateral concessions is “border demarcation and delimitation”, and as a first post was installed on the border, he posted a photo of it.

Needless to say, Tavush residents are incensed. Their concerns have not been addressed by the government, and after lip service during a couple of so-called “town hall” meetings, they woke up to the government demining frontline areas, and talking about removing Russia border patrols. The people’s deep distrust in Pashinyan’s government and intentions has led to significant unrest in Tavush and around the country.


  • Describe what’s going on?
    • What exactly is being given away?
    • Azerbaijanis say they want 4 villages, Pashinyan’s regime says that they’re only giving 2.5 villages. What about the other 1.5 villages?
    • What about the enclaves?
    • What are the dates involved?
  • Hovik, you were in Tavush less than two weeks ago, what are your impressions of the situation in the region?
  • What problems do we see arising if this handover proceeds as planned?
  • What are the Russian border troops doing in Tavush and why does Pashinyan want them out now?

Russia Withdrawing Peacekeepers from Artsakh

A week or so ago we read that Putin and Aliyev had reached agreement on Russian peacekeepers in Artsakh to leave ahead of the projected November 2025 timeline, and reports indicated that the withdrawal had begun.


  • Is this withdrawal significant, and how?

Topics from the Panelists

  • Hovik: Anna Hakobyan taking her daughter to Tsitsernakabert for propaganda.
  • Edgar: Revenge, revanchism and other terms attributed to Armenians


That’s our Week in Review, we hope you found it helpful. We invite your feedback and your suggestions, you can find us on most social media and podcast platforms. Thanks to Laura Osborn for the music on our podcasts.


Edgar Elbakyan

Edgar Elbakyan

Edgar Elbakyan is a political scientist and social thinker based in Yerevan, Armenia. He is a co-founder of the Armenian Project non-profit organization, which contributes to enhancing Armenian national civil society.


Asbed Bedrossian

Asbed Bedrossian

Asbed is founder of the Armenian News Network Groong and co-founder of the ANN/Groong podcast.

Hovik Manucharyan

Hovik Manucharyan

Hovik Manucharyan is an information security engineer who moved from Seattle to Armenia in 2022. He co-founded the ANN/Groong podcast in 2020 and has been a contributor to Groong News since the late 1990s.

Disclaimer: The views expressed by Hovik Manucharyan on the ANN/Groong podcast are his own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of his employer or any other organization.

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