Michael Goorjian - Amerikatsi: Michael A. Goorjian's Odyssey | Ep 307, Feb. 6, 2024 [EP307]

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  • Amerikatsi: Motifs, Aspects and Character of the Film
  • Goorjian’s Style, Influences, and Interests
  • The Oscar Shortlisting journey
  • Bedros & Asbed Afterthoughts on the Conversation

Episode 307 | Recorded: February 5, 2024

Show Notes

Topics of Conversation

Intro to show with Michael Goorjian

Artistic influences

About the voyeur motif

The less Armenian and more human and universal aspect


The humor in the film

The colors of this film

The music and sounds in the film

About Hovik’s hat…

Casting, acting, editing

Directing style

Which directors have influenced Goorjian?

The parallels between Michael’s Charlie and Chaplin

The “silent” aspect of communication

Filming through the prison window

The Choice of Charlie’s actively learning and immersing

See this movie!

What’s next?

What do you need to continue to make films?

What was the Oscar Shortlisting journey like?

Why the nomination will help film making in Armenia

What do you think of Parajanov?

What about Atom Egoyan?

How would we come up with an Armenian Superhero - Khorovadz man?

About Michael Goorjian

Bedros & Asbed shoot the breeze about the Conversation

Wrap up and about Dr. Bedros Afeyan


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Michael Goorjian

Michael Goorjian

Michael A. Goorjian is an Armenian-American actor, filmmaker, and writer. He has won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or Special for his role as David Goodson in the television film David’s Mother. As a director, Goorjian achieved recognition for his first major independent film Illusion, which he wrote, directed and starred in alongside Hollywood legend Kirk Douglas. He wrote, directed, and starred in the critically acclaimed “Amerikatsi’’, which marks a historic milestone for Armenian Cinema, as the first film submitted by Armenia to the Academy Awards to make the Oscar Shortlist for the category of Best International Feature.


Bedros Afeyan

Bedros Afeyan

Dr. Bedros Afeyan is a theoretical physicist who works and lives in the Bay Area with his wife Marine. He writes in Armenian and in English, and also paints and sculpts. He is the current editor of The Literary Groong.

Asbed Bedrossian

Asbed Bedrossian

Asbed is founder of the Armenian News Network Groong and co-founder of the ANN/Groong podcast.

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