Aram Orbelyan - The Confused Status of Artskah Refugees in Armenia and Consequences| Ep 294 - Nov 14, 2023 [EP294]

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  • What are the different status options?
  • Armenian Passport and Citizenship
  • What is Authority Code 070, how is it being treated?
  • What Hurdles are Artsakhtsis facing in Armenia and Why?
  • What is the Armenian Government’s Posture on all this?
  • Aliyev’s Deadline and What Armenian Should do about it
  • Does the Rome Statute Help?

Episode 294 | Recorded: November 13, 2023

Show Notes

“Special Protected Status for Artsakh Refugees”

Recently, the Armenian government announced that it would give a “Special Protected” status to refugees from Artsakh. The government says that this is equivalent to a status of a refugee and Artsakhtsis are not considered citizens of Armenia. Those wishing to be recognized as citizens of Armenia and enjoy benefits such as pensions and other government support must apply for citizenship.

This decision has bewildered many refugees from Artsakh who hold blue passports, just like other Armenian citizens, in which it is written that the holder of this passport is a citizen of the Republic of Armenia. The only difference for Artsakh residents is that the authority field in the passport has the code 070.


  • What are the differences between these statuses? What is the motivation for recognizing citizens of Artsakh as refugees, instead of citizens of Armenia or Internally DIsplaced People (IDP)?
  • If Artsakhtsis want to adopt Armenian citizenship, a form has been circulated online which shows that they have to sign a declaration that they’re not a citizen of any other country. What dangers does this form carry?
  • How did the Armenian government regulate issues such as voting and state service for Armenian citizens who lived in Artsakh?
  • What happens to the rights of Artsakh citizens, such as right to property, or right of return, if they accept Armenian citizenship?
    • There have been reports in Azerbaijani media that Aliyev has given a deadline after which the property of Artsakhtsis who have not returned will be transferred to the government of Azerbaijan.
  • Will the ratification of the Rome Statute help?


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Aram Orbelyan

Aram Orbelyan

Aram Orbelyan is an international law specialist, who is an attorney and managing partner at Concern Dialog law firm, and PhD in Public international law. Mr. Orbelyan lectures at the Academy of Advocates of the Republic of Armenia, and lectured public international law at French University of Armenia. Mr. Orbelyan was Deputy Minister of Justice of Armenia between 2011 and 2014.


Hovik Manucharyan

Hovik Manucharyan

Hovik Manucharyan is an information security engineer who moved from Seattle to Armenia in 2022. He co-founded the ANN/Groong podcast in 2020 and has been a contributor to Groong News since the late 1990s.

Disclaimer: The views expressed by Hovik Manucharyan on the ANN/Groong podcast are his own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of his employer or any other organization.

Asbed Bedrossian

Asbed Bedrossian

Asbed is founder of the Armenian News Network Groong and co-founder of the ANN/Groong podcast.

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