Artsakh War: Security Situation | Diplomatic Activity | Humanitarian Impact (Ep. 21) [EP21]

Posted on Tuesday, Oct 13, 2020 | Series: WIR

ANN/Groong Week in Review - October 12, 2020

Topics Covered:

  • Security situation on the ground;
  • Diplomatic activity, short & long term goals;
  • Humanitarian impact in Artsakh & Armenia;
  • Effect of social media on the war.

Your Hosts:

  • Asbed Bedrossian
  • Asbed Kotchikian

Resident Panelists:

  • Lara Aharonian: Co-founder & co-director of the Women’s Resource Center NGO in Yerevan
  • Robert Avetisyan: Representative of Nagorno Karabakh Republic in the US

Episode 21 Recorded: Oct 12, 2020 Full details: Playlist: WiR (Week in Review)

Show Notes

Show Notes


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