August 23 - Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Armenia | Ep #157 - Aug 23, 2022 [EP157]

Posted on Wednesday, Aug 24, 2022 | Series: COG

Armenian News Network/Groong - August 23, 2022

On August 23, 1990 the Supreme Council of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic proclaimed Armenia as independent.

True, Armenia officially celebrates independence day on September 21, due to the referendum which was held on Sep 21 1991, the following year. But for me, the date of August 23 - the date of the proclamation of the declaration of independence - is no less special.

For it is this document comprised of 12 articles that form the basis for all laws in Armenia and for the constitution itself. From the need to establish historic justice, especially referencing the Armenian Genocide, the reunification of Armenia and Artsakh, the recognition of the rights of citizenship for Diasporans, to me these principles encapsulate perfectly the aspirations of the Armenian people at that time and even more so today.

After a millennium without a state (with the exception of the three years of the first republic between 1918 and 1921) the foundation for a new state was established.

This document and the principles enshrined in it are to be cherished and protected! And regardless of their individual flaws or your political judgement, the men and women of the Supreme Council are true statesmen and the founding parents of Armenia.

Just think about it! Out of a global family of 1000s of nations and tribes, only a few were lucky enough or had the right circumstances in order to establish their own state and become a political nation. And Armenians were one of them.

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